Mooring ropes and wire ropes solutions:

  • Baltrader Marine Ropes Center BMRC offered ropes from all natural and synthetic fibers: Hemp, manila, sisal, jute, linen, cotton and coco. Polyamide, polypropylene, HMPE, Mixed fibre, Polymix, Danline, Winchline and polyacryl. Tarred hemp ropes and twines and tarred PP spinning fiber twines so on.
  • Mooring ropes, Tow ropes, Combination rope + IWRC 6-strand, Atlas type, Winchline, Stretchers, Rope protection, Mooring tails, Mooring ropes, ROPE PROTECTIVE SLEEVE, Chafe Guard
  • Steel wire ropes, Shackles, Turnbuckles,Thimbles, Mooring links, Spliced loops,Components,Shackles, Steel wire rope slings
  • Fishing geart, floatlines, door shoes, bold-on & weld-on shoes for thyboron trawl doors, hardox, bolt & nuts, conveyor discs, steel bobbins and spindles & washers for bobbins

Lifting and lashing solutions:

  • Decksockets and D-rings
  • PP – slings for Timber Packages (D22mm/D28mm,L=5,5m,endless/eye-eye)
  • Steel wire rope slings
  • Webbing slings and roundslings
  • Lashing Chains, Chainturnbuckles and Tension Levers, Chain hoists (electric or manual)
  • Lashing Bars and Turnbuckles
  • Stacking Cones and Twistlocks
  • Elephand Foot Sockets and Carlashing Sockets
  • Weblashing, Trailerhorses and Chocks
  • Rope/Wire rope/webbing slings
  • All types shackles, soft shackle, tube thimble, wire rope thimble, wire rope clip, swivel, carabine hook, ratchet

PVC covers solutions:

  • Covers for lifeboat /Rope ladders/Consol/Winches/ Tarpaulin
  • Covers for : winches, deck equipment, CAR DECKS TARPAULIN CURTAINS
    (we produce by customer sizes)

Other solutions:

  • Nets safety/cargo/protection
  • Anchors /Chains and accessories
  • Fenders
  • Glass/ Plexi glass
  • Paint and painting equipment
  • Nautical equipment